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Let us help you save money...Why refinish your commercial properties?

The refinishing process is superior to replacement and renovation in several ways; the downtime is hours instead of days or weeks and the cost of removing and replacing a bathtub alone can cost upwards to $3000.00.  The refinishing process can be applied right over your dated and worn laminate, tile, cultured marble, Corian® and even fiberglass surfaces.  The results can be dramatic and is an affordable alternative to pricey Formica®, Corian®, Swanstone™ and other solid surfaces.

The key to a good refinishing job is getting the new finish to stick to the old surface. Paper Street Refinishing takes the necessary steps before the refinishing process even begins by removing dirt, oils, grease and soap residue. This ensures the surface is prepped properly and ready for the bonding agent used that will chemically "bond" the new finish onto the old surface.  

Solid colors of white, bone, or almond are traditional and practical. Paper Street Refinishing also offers our stone accent colors. These stone-like finishes are available in many designer colors and allow for some dramatic makeovers.

The best materials and procedures only produce the best results in the hands of trained professionals. Paper Street Refinishing is locally owned and operated and the technicians have extensive training and experience.  Paper Street Refinishing has been the preferred refinisher for over 11 years in the Wichita KS and surrounding communities.   

With proper maintenance and care your newly refinished surface will provide many years of service. And we guarantee the refinished service with a warranty for 3 years!  To keep your refinished surface looking and feeling new you will be supplied care and maintenance instructions along with the 3-year warranty certificate upon service completion. 

With proper care and maintenance, A Paper Street refinished surface can extend the useful life of your fixtures for up to 15-20 years or more. Our bonding agent creates a chemical bond between old and new surfaces, assuring you long life for your refinished surface.


Paper Street Refinishing uses the most technologically advanced coating available. These finishes are designed to stand up to daily use. A standard size bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 3 to 5 hours to refinish. The tub will typically be ready to use within 24 hours.  Types of bathtub and shower surfaces that can be refinished include porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, marble.  Aside from the standard tube and shower type clawfoot and jetted bathtubs can also be refinished. 

Paper Street Refinishing can match any existing color or create almost any custom color of your choosing. Stone accents looks can also be achieved.  Customize your surfaces any way you like!


Most all surface types can be updated and made to look like new with Paper Street's refinishing process. Our stone accent colors are attractive and durable. Our countertop finishes come in a variety of colors and textures, and are easy to clean, but are all significantly lower in cost compared to replacement.

For your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities our multi-color stone look offers a high-end makeover for any décor – modern, traditional, country or casual – without the mess, time and expense of removal and replacement. The specks and flecks of different colors deliver a depth and character that you have to see to believe. The results are beyond impressive. 


A refinished surface is seamless, non-porous, heat resistant and scratch resistant. In the unlikely event that the finish is damaged, it can easily be repaired.


Small chips and cracks can usually be repaired during the preparation stage of the refinishing process. If it is just a single chip, we can often fill and refinish just the damaged area and with careful color matching, the repaired chip will be practically invisible. 

In need of safety options, Paper Street Refinishing offers slip resistant surface applications for bathtubs and shower pans. It will not only help reduce the risk of slipping and falling but is also sanitary and easy to clean.  Bathmats can collect mold and mildew and become unsanitary. Removing them regularly is a nuisance. Bathmats with strong suction cups can damage tub finishes if left in place too long.  Appliqués tend to collect dirt and mildew. They can also crack and become unsightly. Over time appliqués cause uneven wear of the tub surface so that the outline of old appliqués can become completely etched into the tub finish.  A slip resistant surface applied by Paper Street Refinishing is chemically bonded to the bathtub or shower. It becomes integrated to the bottom of the tub and won’t crack or peel. 


Tile refinishing is a process that involves specialized equipment, primers, bonding agents, top coats and clear finishes. The differences between painting vs. refinishing tile are durability, surface gloss and how long the new surface will last.

Tiles that are painted with simple spray enamels or with rolled-on epoxy will not look as good as professionally refinished tile. They will also not last as long as professionally refinished tile, nor feel like real tile.

Refinishing is a much better option to replacing tile. It is not only more practical, but also less expensive than new tile and you avoid the mess of removal and replacement. 


In most cases a refinished surfaces requires 24-48 hours (at room temperature) until it should be used normally.  Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, the surface may actually continue to harden for up to 30 days; therefore the following guidelines are suggested.


Do: In the first 30 days, following the refinishing service, easily clean your surface with only mild soap and water and a damp cloth or sponge.

Do: After the first 30 days, clean your newly refinished surface easily with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergents or general purpose cleaners.  Such as Formula 409, Dow, Scrub Free, Fantastic, Windex, Mr. Clean, Bon Ami and dish washing soaps such as Dawn, Joy and Ivory.



Do Not: Clean your newly refinished surface with any liquid cleaners for the first 30 days from the date of refinishing.  Use only mild soap and water to clean during that first 30 day period.

Do Not: Use any liquid or powder cleaners that contain abrasives, bleach or strong

acids, such as Comet, Ajax, Bleach or Ammonia.

Do Not: Use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads

Do Not: Allow cleaner to remain on the surface for an extended period of time before thoroughly rinsing.

Do Not: Let faucets drip.  Be sure that your faucets are dry and not dripping after each use.


Paper Street Refinishing takes pride in the work and resurfacing services provided.  We stand behind ever job providing a 3 year warranty.  Care and cleaning instructions are provided alongside your refinished surface warranty so that you can trust you'll have your remodeled surface for years to come.  

Paper Street Refinishing is fully insured providing additional protection within industry guidelines.  Thus being vendor certified and preferred in the multi family housing industry. 

Fully Insured, Vendor Approved and Warranty Provided

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