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from satisfied clients

Paperstreet has refinished multiple bathtubs for me. Each one was flawless, no runs and prepped properly so the finish lasts to this day. Very professional, showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves. Would certainly hire again. Can’t beat the price to quality.

Lucas Horton/Homeowner

James is very professional and does a great job. We manage 700 properties and use him for all of our refinishing needs. His pricing is very fair and give a nice way to make bathrooms and counter tops look new and updated for a fraction of the cost. The results are durable as well and extend the life of the surfaces for many years.

Nela Bayouth/Property Manager

Marble Surface

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing provides a durable, economical service to homeowners, hotel operators, and apartment complexes. Bathtubs, countertops, tile, sinks and vanities, all can become scratched, dull, or outdated, yet still be structurally sound and working. Refinishing takes only a few hours and imparts a brand new surface on the original item, without removal.


The result is a surface with a brand new, shiny clean, durable, high gloss finish. Refinishing can be performed on a variety of surface materials including porcelain, fiberglass and acrylic. 

What is the Refinishing Process?

The process in refinishing an outdated or worn-out surface involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing surface. 


A refinishing professional is part Designer, part Chemist, part Specialty Painter, and part Artisan.


The refinishing process is highly detailed and requires professional training and equipment. The basic stages of bathtub refinishing are:


1.  Preparation:

Ventilation equipment will be set up and your existing surface will be professionally cleaned with specialized industrial cleaners. Some of these products will actually break down the original surface, in preparation of receiving a brand-new finish.  All dirt, soap scum, detergents, dyes, and other contaminants will be removed.  Existing plumbing fixtures and drain will be specially prepared /covered for the process.


2. Application of New Surface:

Your new surface will be applied in 3 phases:  

1. Surface prep phase  

2.  Bonding/priming phase

3.  Topcoat phase.


3. Completion:

Your surface will now look as shiny and beautiful as the day it was first installed.

In one day, from start to finish, your surface will be transformed from an embarrassment to the centerpiece of the room, with a new, high gloss, sparkling clean beautiful finish!  Cleaning and maintenance for your newly refinished surface is a breeze.

Why Refinish with Paper Street Refinishing?

Not only will you receive a 3 year warranty with every service you will be provided unmeasurable quality and timely service.  At all times, safety of our refinishers, our clients and clients customers are of the utmost importance.  You can count on us for any request, and we'll be sure to do the rest.  Paper Street Refinishing is fully insured, and multifamily community and real estate agent vendor approved.

Modern Bathroom
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