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A refinished surface should provide many years of service when given the same care and maintenance recommended by solid surface countertop manufacturers.

In most cases a refinished surfaces requires 24-48 hours (at room temperature between 60-80 degrees) until it should be used normally.  Although the refinished surface can be put back into full use after this time, the surface may actually continue to harden for up to 30 days. Therefore the following guidelines are suggested.

It is recommended, to help extend the life of your newly finish surface, to apply a wax polymer and polish every six to twelve months.  

General DO and DO NOT cleaning/care guidelines:



DO use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners or mild soap and water. Your refinished surface can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergents or general-purpose nonabrasive cleaners.

DO rinse thoroughly and use a soft sponge to wipe down the surface.

DO use only a suction-cup-free bathmat and remove it after use to let the surface dry between uses. 

DO repair any chips IMMEDIATELY.  Chips are man made and if not repaired will result in water getting under the finish that can eventually peel.  Repairs to chips are not covered under the warranty.  And if not repaired immediately, Warranty would be voided.


DO NOT let faucets drip.  Be sure that your faucets are dry and not dripping after using the fixture. 

DO NOT let there be standing water.  Nor store water for extended periods of time.

DO NOT use any liquid or powder cleansers that contain abrasives, bleach or strong acids.

DO NOT allow any cleaners to remain on surface for an extended period of time before thoroughly rinsing.

DO NOT use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads.

DO NOT  improperly use acid bearing compounds, such as drain openers or tile and grout cleaners.

DO NOT allow chemicals such as/but not limited to certain cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes, which may stain the finish. 

DO NOT use a suction-cup bathmat, soap dish, etc. 

DO NOT leave any bottles, spray cans, wet cloths or bar soap on the surface for more than 24 hours.  (Rust from shaving cans will damage the surface.) 

DO NOT use your countertop as a cutting board.  Although cuts and scratches can be repaired, it will require an additional refinishing service.  Thus cuts and scratches as a result will void the warranty.

DO NOT use refinished surface to clean brushes or any painting related chemicals or materials.

DO NOT clean with liquid cleaners for 30 days from date below.  Use only mild soap and water to clean during that 30 day period. 

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